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I was born 27 September 1975 in Hungary. At the age of 23, I moved to Sweden where I earned a Masters degree in Economics and started a family with my Swedish husband, Jacob Holländer, a well-known air show pilot. We have two children and resides outside of Stockholm. I have always had a deep love for entertainment and the arts but never pursued a career in it until the age of 42. In addition to working for many years as an Economist, I worked along side my husband, running our international air show company which performs elaborate aerobatic acts with biplanes, including wing-walking and laser shows, around the globe. My passion for acting, however, never dissipated, and eventually I took the first step towards my dream and applied to the 2-year full-time acting school Actors Studio Stockholm. Upon completing the program in 2018, I immediately took every chance available to act, and after shooting several short films and commercials, I finally landed my first feature film roles: first in "Plocka Tänder Med Trasiga Fingrar" (Picking Teeth With Broken Fingers) (2019) and then in "Bakom Varje Man" (Behind Every Man) (2020), both produced by EDE Film. I am based in Sweden but I’m involved in several upcoming international film projects, among others THE MESSAGE by USA based Dragonslayer Entertainment, a WW II feature film where I’m going to play Roza Robota a heroic Jewish woman in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

About Me: Bio



Born: 27 September 1975
Playing age: 28-45
Height: 168 cm (5ft 6 in)
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 65kg (143 pounds)


Fluent Hungarian, Swedish and English. Basic Russian.


Being married to an air show pilot I have learnt to do wing walking ie. standing on an aircraft wing of a biplane while flying. Some experience of stunt in the following disciplines: unarmed, broadsword, rapier. Completed course of Nordic Stage Fight Society. Also work as a photo model and have been working as a news anchor for many years ago. Due to working all around the globe and being blessed to raise two children I have gained a lot of life experiences which certainly serve as a great base to reach out to when giving life to different characters.


2019 July Completed Nordic Stage Fight Society's stunt workshop in the disciplines unarmed, broadsword and rapier.

2018-2019 - Actor Studio Stockholm acting school graduate

Summer 2018 - Intensive course in acting for film - Cinemantrix award winning film production company

Master of Science in Business and Economics with a Major in Business Administration


Short Film - The After Fall

Role: Edit                                                                              2021                Director: Farid Zarrinbal

American Commercial for TIIA                                           2020                Producer: B-Reel Production Company Stockholm & Los Angeles

Short Film - Elisa

Role: Agent Elisa                                                                 2020                Director: Farid Zarrinbal

Feature Film - Bakom Varje Man (Behind Every Man)

Role: Gentille.                                                                       2020                Director: Alexander Embretsén, EDE Film Production

Feature Film - Plocka Tänder Med Trasiga Fingrar

Role: Agatha Lyckblom.                                                       2019                Director: Alexander Embretsén, EDE Film Production

Extremity Theater Showcase

role: Blanche DuBois from A Streetcar Named Desire

by Tennessee Williams                                                         2019                Director: Jeffrey Glickman

Ronald McDonald House TV commercial                           2018                POM Pictures, Producent Johan Persson, Director Malin Ingrid Johansson

CTRL+Z sci-fi short film                                                         2018                Producer: Daiki Miyamoto Director: Elin Lindvist

Scene shoot from the movie Stepmom (1998)                    2018                Cinemantrix

Scene shoot from the movie American Beauty (1999)        2018                Cinemantrix

POST MORTEM Theater Show Case                                    2018               Author and Director: Joakim Nätterqvist

General Manager                                                                   2004 -             Scandinavian Airshow AB (

Trade Marketing Director                                                      2015               Happy Socks

Export Advisor                                                                        2014               Business Sweden (earlier Swedish Trade Council)

Managing Director                                                                 2010-2013      Younik Tours AB

Business Development Manager                                          2004-2011      Snickers Workwear AB

News Anchor                                                                          1997-1999      Local Television Miskolc, Hungary

Photo model                                                                           1994-1999      New Image Agency

About Me: CV
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